Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Beauty Haul

I know I have been gone for a while, but I figured I would come back with a haul. I will do an update post soon as to why I have been missing, what has been going on, and what awesome things are to come. This post is going to include all the beauty bits and bobs that I purchased in the month of November.
Well... I may have gotten a little spendy at Sephora this past month. I picked up a couple products earlier in the month but I also trekked out on Black Friday to hit up some of the awesome deals. At the beginning of the month, I ended up picking up the Too Faced Born this Way Foundation in the shade "Light Beige." This medium-full coverage foundation has such amazing staying power and looks just like skin, it looks so natural and feels like I'm not wearing makeup (its definitely a keeper!). The rest of the stuff I got from Sephora, I got on Black Friday. I was insanely surprised to find the Benefit Cosmetic’s Majorette blush for only $10...yes I said TEN DOLLARS! As I fought the urge to yell "SCOREEEE!" I approached the associate working to ask if the deal was actually a reality.  I picked up the last two there, one for me and one to give as a Christmas gift to a family member.
I have never used a beauty blender before and wanted to see what all the hype was about. While standing in Sephora at 4:30 AM, I stared at the little circular container and it stared right back at me, it was almost like it was saying "buy me, buy me." Soooo.. heavy with guilt I ended up picking one up, even though it was not on sale and was $20 for a sponge…I had to try it right? Another hyped up item I have been on a never ending quest to obtain is Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita. I swear this product must be the best thing since sliced bread with how fast it flies off the shelf, it is probably one of the most difficult beauty products to get your hands on (in my opinion). Unfortunately, as always, there were no full sized products left, but there was a lip duo with Lolita and Lolita 2 for only $15, so I decided I had to try it. I also received a little NARS lip pencil duo with the shades Cruella and Rikugien because November is my birthday month.
Another lip product I got in my grasps was Bite beauty’s dual ended lip duo in in the shades "Latte" and "Cortado." However, when I got home, I gleefully opened the package to find that the "Cortado" was smushed into the cap (ughh). So I brought it back to Sephora and there were none left, so I switched it out for the Bite Beauty Five Night Fix For Lips. It comes with the agave mask, which is extremely thick and difficult to get out of the packaging but also so amazingly moisturizing, and the whipped cherry scrub stick, which is a decent lip exfoliator.
Moving on from Sephora to discuss the other products I picked up this month, I stopped at a salon in my local mall to pick out some new shampoo and conditioner because I was running low. I decided to try out the brand Living Proof, and I got the Restore formulation because my hair is thin and damaged. I also picked up the Perfect Hair Day styling treatment to put in my hair after showering. I have nothing to report yet considering I have only used the products three times, but so far so good. It may be odd to include razor heads in this haul, but the Venus and Olay heads are my absolute favorite razors and were a complete game changer to my shaving regimen(I always repurchase them).

What are some good beauty deals you got on in the month of November?