Monday, August 31, 2015

The Emporium and a Weekend I won't Forget

Last weekend was my mother's birthday, so to celebrate we set out to go to dinner at a unique and delicious restaurant. We found ourselves at the door step of a wonderful little place called the Emporium in Readfield, Maine. Our expectations were beyond met, and we got to experience an amazing ambiance filled with art work and great food.

Walking up to the restaurant we were welcomed by a small wooden man leaning against the building, I took a snap of the cutie so you could catch a glance at him.
Upon walking into the restaurant itself, we were met by a unique environment of walls filled with amazing art work from all around the world and tree branches with fairy lights hanging on the walls over the tables. The art work was not the only thing that was taken from around the world, the menu also displayed dishes from places that the owner had traveled in the past.
Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest, once it got darker the lighting on my phone was a little off.
After being seated we ordered some Riesling and our food, I got the Chicken Provencal. This dish had an olive tapenade on your choice of chicken or pork, deglazed with burgundy and your choice of a side, I chose curried rice.

 The owner walked from table to table making sure that everyone at the restaurant's needs were met and just to say hello, I asked him about all the artwork and told him the picture of the older man behind the bar was my favorite.  He told us that his father painted this when he was well into old age. It stands in the center of the restaurant as a beautiful and unique center piece that matches the atmosphere and pays homage to the family that runs the place.
 After eating we crossed the street to say hello this little cutie pie. She lives in this little trailer, and comes out to socialize when people pass by.

After she said her fair wells we headed home to end the birthday evening and relax to watch a movie.

Two days after my mom's birthday, my brother and I were going to head home, and my boyfriend surprised me before leaving Maine. He drove 2 hours up to my family's house to "see me" just 3 hours prior to us leaving the house. I had brought my smaller dog Kipper with me, but Michael brought Chancey our larger dog with him. I soon had noticed that Chancey had two dog tags on opposed to his normal just one. I called him over and looked at the odd tag, and the rest is history, I said yes!